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Introducing, GivFlow – increase donor retention and grow your church.

September 23, 2021

The year is 2021 and the majority of churches have yet to see in-person attendance back to what it was before Covid rocked the world. How has church changed? You know exactly how it’s changed. Less physical attendance on weekends and even less during other events. People stopped going to church so quickly, and getting them to come back is like pushing a boulder up a hill – every month we get new restrictions, new rules, or a Covid breakout as we watch the boulder roll all the way back down the hill.

We solve the biggest problem 2020 created; We identify people leaving your church.

GivFlow uses your giving data to identify pastoral opportunities. Giving data is all we have – at least the only thing that’s reliable. We solve the biggest problem 2020 created; we identify people leaving your church. The same people that you had no idea actually left – because physical attendance got cut in half, remember? Relationships are harder and harder to create and maintain, but GivFlow tells you who to reach out to. We give you the pastoral opportunities that your pastors need and in all likelihood your members need even more. Because we look at your church’s giving data, it’s usually the first thing to change when someone is on their way out the door. We don’t know the reason, but you should connect with that person to find out! Maybe they come back to your church, maybe they don’t, but don’t forget what you do best – you pastor people and they need it more than ever!

Measure Growth.

So you’ve started reaching out to people and connecting with them. That’s great! Is it working? We answer that too. Show your elder team our growth charts displaying the full donor life cycle – new, active, lapsed inactive and everything in between. These charts help show you what’s working. Our growth charts will help you determine if:

If you’re trying to figure out what your church is growing, or worse if your church is shrinking, GivFlow can not only give you answers, but actionable data.

Never leave Planning Center Online.

I get it. The last thing any pastor needs to do is learn another tool. Not with GivFlow. Keep using the church management software you know and love – Planning Center. We sync our data back into PCO and show you how to leverage that data so your pastors can continue to work on their lists and workflows. If we’re doing our job, your pastors will never even know you implemented our solution.