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The GivFlow Budget Analysis Report.

September 8, 2022

It’s budget season, and you don’t know where to start. Introducing the GivFlow budget analysis report.

Here’s the thing, GivFlow is great about making things simple to understand and simple to use. We took the same approach when looking at your budget. If your budget (income/donations) looks different this year than last year, we’ll tell you and why in a single screen. Comparing cumulative totals as the year progresses might be trivial, but it’s so very helpful!

Download full sample report here.

But what if your budget looks different (up or down)? It can only be because of a few things.

  1. You have gained or lost donors.
  2. Donors are giving more or less dollars.
  3. Donors are giving more or less frequently.

Let’s break them down real quick.

You have gained or lost donors.

GivFlow tracks your unique donors per month. A lot of churches want to get fancy here and track households, and that’s totally fine, but we’re just trying to identify a trend change. Knowing if you have 20% more donors giving per month or 20% less compared to previous years, is going to super helpful in knowing what to expect for next year.

Donors are giving more or less dollars.

This one should be self explanatory, but if your budget is changing, it could be because the donors are giving more. We track both average and median donations. We also break out big gifts (> $10,000) and irrational gifts (> $25,000) so you can see how big donations are affecting your average donation.

Donors are giving more or less frequently.

This one tends to go unnoticed, but since online donations have skyrocketed post Covid, it’s arguably one of the most important. If someone was giving $100 weekly ($5,200 / year), but is now giving $100 monthly ($1,200 / year), that’s a $4,000 difference and shouldn’t be ignored! This will typically manifest itself in total contributions for the year. This is 40 less donations. If you had 50 people, all the sudden start giving less frequently, it’s something to take note of. GivFlow does this for you.

Donor Insights

To make this information as clear as possible, we show you how your YTD numbers compare to the previous year’s same time frame. Did we mention this report is shareable via email or link so you can keep elders and other financial leaders up to date. w/o doing anything!

Download full sample report here.