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The 2 best Planning Center Lists You Can Implement w/ GivFlow Today.

October 5, 2021

GivFlow is super powerful! I’ll be honest, though. Planning Center might be more powerful as a whole – it has more data than we do! We recognize this, and that’s why we sync our data back into PCO.

Active Households

GivFlow works similar to Planning Center in that we track individual donors. While a husband may have lapsed recently, maybe the wife started giving. The first thing you should do, is put together a list for active giving households. The list is simple:

Awesome. Set that baby to automatically refresh every night, and you’re good to go! Know you have a list of actively giving households. We’re going to use this list to run our other list against.

Lapsed Donors

This is easily the biggest thing you can be doing in your church TODAY. Identifying the people that could possibly be leaving. GivFlow uses individual donor data to determine when that giver misses their regular giving frequency. We push that data back into Planning Center for you to automate anything you want! Let’s take a look at the list:

Now, I set this to the last 30 days, but you can adjust your list however you’d like. Set that baby to refresh automatically every night and now you have a trailing list of donors that have lapsed in the last 30 days.

Establish Automations

Well that’s cool, but what do I do with the list. Here some ideas:

Do those things, and hopefully you’ll see their status move to Recovered so you’ll know what you’re doing is working. Remember, you’re a church. That means you’re great at relationships and pastoring people. Hopefully the things above lead to more of that!

Want help setting up some automations?

Email me at as we’re setting up some custom automation packages for our churches for: