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How it all Started

Hi! I'm Evan.

I built a migration tool to help church’s move their giving data into Planning Center back in 2018. I noticed a wide gap in what for-profit companies were doing with their data to grow their businesses and thought why don’t church’s utilize their data to grow too?

I think there’s this weird taboo around non-profits using data, similar to how some feel about marketing – they think it feels yucky.

Well, I think we should be utilizing every tool possible to help grow the Church.

Simple as that. GivFlow will not only keep you “in the know”, we can identify ministry opportunities for growth and reconnection – from donors that have lapsed, about to lapse, to donors that have stayed steadfast in their giving, but maybe haven’t challenged themselves. These are all great reasons to start a conversation.

I'd love to show you how GivFlow can grow your giving ministry.

"When people leave our church, we often have no idea"

Here's the thing; churches have always had access to data, but a lot of them have chosen to ignore it. "God will provide" is great, and I fully believe that! I'd also say God is providing you with a great tool to help you not only navigate some uncharted waters in this post Covid world, but help you grow your giving ministry as a whole - God calls us to give, we should be doing everything we can to help disciples get there.

Evan Gunter
Founder @ GivFlow, PCOMVP