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Why choose GivFlow vs MortarStone?

GivFlow isn't just a reporting tool, it's a pastoral care tool. We not only give you the data and reports, but turn that into direct action that will grow your giving ministry.

Better Donor Development

Power-up your giving ministry

GivFlow helps you develop donors by keeping an eye on them every step of the way. From first time givers, to donors that are lapsing. We provide the best information that allows you to communicate and engage with donors the right way, ultimatley enabling you to grow your giving ministry like never before.

Set up workflows for lapsed donors! Finally, a way to close your back door directly in Planning Center!

"GivFlow is Amazing"

It allows us to use the functions of Planning Center Online without even having to think about it. We can thank our first time givers, check in on our lapsed givers and consider more ways to connect with those that help fuel our mission to rescue and empower disciples for Jesus with their generosity!

Kristen Cobb
Operations, Salty Church FL

Literally half the price.

We give you more value at half the price. Check out our pricing page to see for yourself.

The Best Planning Center Integration

Accessible data - your pastors will love you

Your pastors already work out of Planning Center and run things like lists, workflows, and automations - GivFlow allows you to do all of those things with the data directly in PCO. Don't make your pastors learn another tool, just give them the data to succeed in an enviornment they're already familiar with.

This means you can run automated lists + workflows + emails based on GivFlow statuses and data right out of Planning Center.

Better Reporting and Analysis

Done for you financials

Stop wasting time looking over 40+ reports. We'll tell you where your budget is at and WHY. Gone are the days when you not only have to build the reports, but analyze them too. GivFlow makes this super simple.

Share reports instantly! No need to export and email, we'll send leadership an interactive link.

State of Church Giving Post COVID Report

Church giving has changed post covid, this is obvious. What has changed, though? We analyzed the data of early GivFlow users and spoke to every single one, and put it in a report so you can better understand what's changed.

What else does GivFlow do?