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Church Budget Forecasting

Planning or forecasting your church's budget for next year? Check out forecasting simulator below. We use some things we've learned at GivFlow to help you forecast better.

Before you get started....

  • For your starting monthly values, use numbers towards the end of the year, but not November or December. October is the best month. Why? Becuase it gives a better picture of what your normal giving looks like.
  • What's special about this tool? Not a lot actually lol! Buuuuut.... we do automatically adjust your numbers for seasonal changes like end of year giving, or the summer lull. We use some of what we learned at GivFlow to automatically adjust these numbers. We also give you some nice visuals!
  • What's GivFlow? I'm glad you asked. We give you more detailed metrics that not only help you budget better, but pastor better. Identifying lapsed donors, and instant budget analysis. If your budget has changed, we instantly tell you why!
  • If you appreciate the tool...I'd love to show you more about GivFlow.

"When people leave our church, we often have no idea"

Here's the thing; churches have always had access to data, but a lot of them have chosen to ignore it. "God will provide" is great, and I fully believe that! I'd also say God is providing you with a great tool to help you not only navigate some uncharted waters in this post Covid world, but help you grow your giving ministry as a whole - God calls us to give, we should be doing everything we can to help disciples get there.

Evan Gunter
Founder @ GivFlow, PCOMVP