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Challenge these people to give more this Christmas.

December 16, 2021

One of the things we implemented in GivFlow that didn’t work out like we though, was tracking an “increased”, “decreased”, or “constant” status relative to a donors last gift. So if a donor gave $1 the first time, and then $10, we would mark that donor as “increased”. Turns out, donors fluctuate their giving A LOT and this wasn’t as useful out-of-the-box (we’re working on it). However, the “constant” status has proved super useful in identifying people that haven’t adjusted their giving over X period of time. At my church, I found 87 donors that haven’t adjusted their giving in over 2 years! Keep in mind, this isn’t fund specific! That means none of these people gave a bigger or smaller donation during Christmas or Easter. I find these are typically recurring givers. You might have 0, but 87 represents almost 10% of our donor base, which is A lot.

In order for this to work, we need 2 lists. The first list to take into account if the spouse or another household member who isn’t usually the one giving wrote a one-time check or bigger gift.

People that HAVE adjusted their giving in the last 2 years.

Awesome. Run that last, it will be large.

People that HAVE NOT adjusted their giving in the last 2 years.

Run that bad boy and see how many donors come back.

Is it worth reaching out to these folks?

I think so. We’re called to challenge people to give because parting with your money is TOUGH. A friendly nudge is worth it IMO.