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Basic strategy to start growing your giving (w/ or w/ out GivFlow)

May 28, 2024

A 10min guide to get your giving ministry growing!

Churches ask us all the time; how do we start growing our giving ministry using GivFlow or not? Moreover, what do we communicate with donors? Like a lot of really good answers in life, it depends.

Side note: I have a few folks I look up to and when they say this to me it makes me so angry – I’m asking you for advice, just tell me! lol.

So here’s the deal. Let us give you a great starting point on things to tackle first, before you start diving deep into other communicate channels.

1. Reduce lapsed donors

Everyone wants to start reaching out to lapsed donors first. However, we’ve found the best route is actually to reduce the number of folks that lapse in the first place. A lot of times, lapsed donors are caused by secondary problems (not the donor actually lapsing). The main two secondary problems are failed donations (e.g. expired credit card), and “forgot to give” (because they don’t have a recurring gift set up). So what’s the solution?

2. New Donors

Awesome. If you’ve followed number 1, you have implemented a solution to drastically decrease the number of lapsed donors. However, we’re still not ready to implement a lapsed donor pipeline. While you can go this route next, we actually see that nurturing new donors creates a longer stay at your church.

In other terms, if I was to identify an average lifetime stay for donors or church members at your church based on the time they start regularly attending until they leave, we’ve seen this lifetime stay increase by implementing a better new donor campaign.

>>> Implement a new donor campaign. This campaign should inform donors about where their dollars are going. Share a story or two. Ensure the donor feels like they made an immediate impact, and their gift matters.

3. Lapsed Donors

Great. Now we’re ready to look at lapsed donors. Because we’ve implemented the above solutions, we know the vast majority of donors that GivFlow now marks as Lapsed (e.g. has missed 2 of their regular gifts), have lapsed for one of two reasons;

In either case, the goal behind reaching out to a lapsed donor is simple; remind them that this is their home church and you’re here if they need anything.

>>> Implement a lapsed donor campaign that reaches out to donors that have lapsed and reminds them of all the resources you have available. The goal isn’t to recover their donation. Your goal should be to do what the church does best, pastor them. As a bi-product, there’s a very good chance this person will recover from their financial hardship or start a conversation that helps them understand the statements that were made. Reach out to them a couple times and give them an easy way to ask for help. We can all be prideful sometimes and with these types of things, timing is everything.