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GrowGrow Your Giving Ministry

GivFlow uses your giving data to provide you with actionable insights so you can grow your donors and retain them for longer.Show me how

Understanding what it takes to grow your giving ministry starts here.

GivFlow makes growth simple by giving you the data and visuals you can actually understand.

Start with a baseline

Identify active donors

It sounds trivial, but do you really know who your regular givers are? Think about it. If you don't have a consistent metric for which you're measuring active donors, you'll have no idea if you're growing or not. We make it simple.

Drive higher engagement by communicating with donors based on their individual donor journey's.

Have more pastoral conversations

Recover lapsed donors

Because we offer a consistent way to track active donors, we know exactly when donors aren't giving like they normally do - Giving you the opportunity to connect with donors before they've completley fallen off.

Want to know who left during Covid? GivFlow will process all your donation data so you get a full historical view for each donor.

Take action

Accessible data - your pastors will love you

Look, we get it. We hear the same thing at every church - "don't make us learn another tool". We heard you. Instead of making you log into GivFlow everyday, we sync the most import data into into Planning Center Online. Learn More

Run automated lists + workflows + emails based on GivFlow statuses and data right out of Planning Center.

Spend less time compiling and analyzing data

Done for you budget analysis

Not only are we going to save you time exporting data into excel, we're going to automatically analyze it for you. GivFlow will tell you if your budget is exceeding or falling behind from the previous year and why.

Quickly share your budget analysis with other leaders via a simple link so you can spend less time compiling reports.

Tangible ways to increase giving

Increase giving (yep we said it)

We know by saying "increase giving" is a huge statement and we don't take it lightly. We'll update you on failed donations, donors that haven't challenged themselves in their giving and a few other things you can do that will directly impact your budget. Giving online has brought on a ton of new challenges including failed donations.

Weekly/Monthly emails delivered directly to your inbox designed to keep you informed and on track.

Let's talk about how well GivFlow knows your donors.

We track the metrics you need to identify change.


GivFlow tells you how long (days) donors stay active so you know if what you're doing is working.

Days Active / 445 days


Knowing exactly who have committed themselves to tithe on a regular basis not only gives you a starting point for growth, but a measurable way to track it.

Active / 1,038 donors


We'll tag donors that we think are lapsing, giving you the opportunity to reach out to them before they completely fall off.

Lapsed / 11 donors


A new donors gives for the first time, how likely are they to stick around and become active bought-in donors? We'll tell you every month.

Conversion Rate / 42%


Post Covid-19, I'm betting your church's giving has changed a lot. We'll give you the 5,000ft view of what exactly is changing, so you can take action.

Growth Rate / -2%

Lifetime Giving

What will a single donor at your church give over their lifetime? Tracking lifetime giving helps you determine if people are sticking around for longer and challenging themselves to give more.

Lifetime Donor / $4,350

Why does my church need GivFlow?

If you're looking at GivFlow, it likely means...

  • You have a sneaky suspicion donors have left, but you don't know who they are.
  • You want to grow your giving ministry but you don't know what or how to track it.
  • Your budget has decreased or changed and you don't know why.
  • You want to engage donors more based on their actions.

GivFlow will...

  • Help you identify lapsed donors so you can connect with them before they completely fall off.
  • Automatically track the metrics you need to determine what's working and ultimately grow.
  • Help you understand why your budget has changed.
  • Engage more donors based off their actions - first time gifts, second time gifts, big gifts, etc...

OK, OK, I'm Convinced.

"When people leave our church, we often have no idea"

Here's the thing; churches have always had access to data, but a lot of them have chosen to ignore it. "God will provide" is great, and I fully believe that! I'd also say God is providing you with a great tool to help you not only navigate some uncharted waters in this post Covid world, but help you grow your giving ministry as a whole - God calls us to give, we should be doing everything we can to help disciples get there.

Evan Gunter
Founder @ GivFlow, PCOMVP