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GrowGrow Your Giving Ministry

GivFlow uses your giving data to provide you with actionable insights so you can grow your donors and retain them for longer.Show me how

“GivFlow has helped us view giving trends over the past few years and helped us better identify and categorize different types of donors. It's been extremely insightful!”

Matthew Smith
Allison Park Church

“GivFlow is amazing! We can thank our first time givers, check in on our lapsed givers and consider more ways to connect with those that help fuel our mission!”

Kristen Cobb
Salty Church

“Love GivFlow! Combined with PCO, GiveFlow gives me the data I need as an XP, reports far faster than I could produce on my own, and charts to help me better communicate with my board!”

Walt Pitman
Ridgewood Church

We make understanding your data easy.

Finally an easy to use tool to help you understand your data faster, communicate easier, and help your donors grow.

Done for you

Year-over-year comparisons

The budget comparison dashboard will tell you what's changed - number of donors, how much they're giving, or how frequently they're giving. Start here.

Share the report via link to keep elders and leaders in the know.

Stop running manual reports

Better reporting & analysis

Instantly view charts and reports that make the trend and the story clear.

Filter metrics by date range, one or more funds, and campuses.

Have more pastoral conversations

Donor Development

From new to lapsed. Know exactly where donors are in their journey - enabling better communication every step of the way.

Recover lapsed donors faster by identifying when donors giving frequency changes.

Stay informed


GivFlow will keep elders and other church leaders "in the know" by sending regular updates on your donors and tithe.

Weekly/Monthly emails delivered directly to your inbox designed to keep you informed and on track.

Built for Planning Center Online.

We built GivFlow to work with Planning Center Online and give you even more power on top of all their great features. If you use PCO, you're going to want GivFlow in your tool bag.

Take action

Two-way integration

We sync donor statuses right back into Planning Center Online so you have accessible GivFlow data right next to your PCO data! Learn More

Run automated lists + workflows + emails based on GivFlow statuses and data right out of Planning Center.

w/ Auto sync

PCO Lists + GivFlow

Sync your PCO Lists inside GivFlow to gain giving insights on the list results.

Group Households together if all members are in the list.

“GivFlow provides powerful metrics that give a snapshot of the financial health of our congregation. Moreover, their integration with Planning Center has improved how we follow up with individual congregants by notifying us when giving trends change.”

Erik Scottberg
Cornerstone Church

“Seeing comparison month to month/year to year in our giving, beyond the scope of what I was already tracking. The integration with PCO helps so that I can immediately have an understanding of someone's giving.”

Natalie Paterson
Redemption Bible Chapel St. Thomas

“We have a better understanding of the status of our donors and are better able to pastor them as a result!”

Patrick Furgerson
New Life Christian Church

How well does GivFlow know our donors?

If you don't start with a baseline, or a specific goal around a targeted metric, you won't grow.


GivFlow tells you how long (days) donors stay active so you know if what you're doing is working.

Days Active / 445 days


Knowing exactly who have committed themselves to tithe on a regular basis not only gives you a starting point for growth, but a measurable way to track it.

Active / 1,038 donors


We'll tag donors that we think are lapsing, giving you the opportunity to reach out to them before they completely fall off.

Lapsed / 11 donors


A new donors gives for the first time, how likely are they to stick around and become active bought-in donors? We'll tell you every month.

Conversion Rate / 42%


Post Covid-19, I'm betting your church's giving has changed a lot. We'll give you the 5,000ft view of what exactly is changing, so you can take action.

Growth Rate / -2%

Lifetime Giving

What will a single donor at your church give over their lifetime? Tracking lifetime giving helps you determine if people are sticking around for longer and challenging themselves to give more.

Lifetime Donor / $4,350

Why does my church need GivFlow?

If you're looking at GivFlow, it likely means...

  • You have a sneaky suspicion donors have left, but you don't know who they are.
  • You want to grow your giving ministry but you don't know what or how to track it.
  • Your budget has decreased or changed and you don't know why.
  • You want to engage donors more based on their actions.

GivFlow will...

  • Help you identify lapsed donors so you can connect with them before they completely fall off.
  • Automatically track the metrics you need to determine what's working and ultimately grow.
  • Help you understand why your budget has changed.
  • Engage more donors based off their actions - first time gifts, second time gifts, big gifts, etc...

OK, OK, I'm Convinced.

"When people leave our church, we often have no idea"

Here's the thing; churches have always had access to data, but a lot of them have chosen to ignore it. "God will provide" is great, and I fully believe that! I'd also say God is providing you with a great tool to help you not only navigate some uncharted waters in this post Covid world, but help you grow your giving ministry as a whole - God calls us to give, we should be doing everything we can to help disciples get there.

Evan Gunter
Founder @ GivFlow, PCOMVP